Executive - Thick Pad High

To whom does design address itself- to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class- Design addresses itself to the need. -Charles Eames. Most Definitely the most popular chair since 1958, since mass production of the same, and where hundreds were inspired to own a copy or the original.You can spot it in Movies, TV shows and museums and he latest and fanciest offices to, from Board rooms to private offices. Stretched between two alumniium bent rods, this chair has and always remains the icon of office furniture. the Soft Pad and the Mesh version were introduced in 1960 and 2001 respectively.


1060 Max Height, 740W


Padded Leather Back, Available in Black and White, in High and Low backs, with die cast alumnium arms and legs with glossy Chrome finish.